Beginning with a small shop of just 9 seats in Dotonbori Osaka in 1986, our founder simply wanted to ”make everyone happy” with his soup. From there, we expanded throughout Japan. Now, we have nearly 70 directly-managed stores in Japan. And from here, we are going to bring KAMUKURA RAMEN to Hawaii and the world.
Our trademark dish is “Oishii Ramen”, literally meaning “Delicious Ramen”. We are expanding this unique Ramen brand with a 35-year foundation to reach all shores of the world and deliver happiness to everyone, regardless of generation, gender or class.
Our soup is highly original while also being nostalgic. It is light in colour but rich in flavor and brings a taste that’s both new to you yet familiar. Everyone can finish their bowls to the very last drop!

  • soup

    Commitment to soup


    Years were spent perfecting a soup that would combine the delicacy of French consomme with healthy Japanese soul-food to create Oishii Ramen. Most people think of Ramen as noodles in a broth, but upon successful fusion, our motto became 「Soup with Noodles」and once you try it, you’ll understand why we put so much emphasis on the soup.

  • noodles

    Commitment to noodles


    We bring our own noodles directly from Japan to your plate. You can savour these soft noodles, which pair perfectly with our delicious Kamukura soup. Medium-thin, straight noodles with authentic flavor are easy to enjoy and play an important role in our one-and-only "soup with noodles" that we pursue. Please enjoy the skills and dedication of the craftsmen who have been making these one-of-a-kind noodles for the past 30 years.

  • ingredients

    Commitment to ingredients


    We take pride in using only the freshest ingredients in all of our dishes, bringing out the distinct flavors that can only be achieved with proper preparation and care. We are able to serve the highest quality Ramen right in front of you.

  • Omotenashi

    Commitment to Omotenashi


    Representing Japanese culture, we welcome everyone with warm smiles to make them comfortable. We also believe that employee satisfaction is the key to customer satisfaction. Thus, during busy hours, we place a greater number of employees on the floor to reduce both the stress levels of our staff, as well as the serving time of your food!

  • cleanliness

    Commitment to cleanliness


    Another key point where we break away from your average ramen chain image is prioritising cleanliness. We always maintain a rigorous standard of Restaurant Hygiene to assure customers of our top-quality product and service. We also emphasise that image by wearing chef's whites and choosing white as the main colour for all our store interiors to reflect our commitment.